Skate inspired "STREET MOTO" in 4K - clip of the year?

Tekst: Damian Bazaniak

Yes that's true, I fell in love. This is probably the first such clip, where three passions - freestyle motocross, stuntriding and skating - were combined so well. This last intrigued me to the point that I buried on the internet for a while finding some information about Justin and the crew.

The already mentioned inspiration with skate culture (eg. with such shots like in 1:27) is not without a reason, because Justin is also a skater, and John (filming) realizes skate clips on a daily basis. So everything quickly merged into one. That's why 450 KX in the hands of Justin Mulford doesn't have an easy life.

The connection is stunning.

Clip of the year? :)

Justin Mulford: Instagram

John Note: Instagram





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