Stunt Freaks Team1.jpg

SFT - Streetbikes, Fmx, Crosskart on ICE with SPIKES

Tekst: Damian Bazaniak

For most of the riders the snow is a huge problem. Because how to ride when around is a ton of white powder? Luckily, in Finland is the team for which it doesn't how harsh conditions they have... STUNT FREAKS TEAM.

Hell yeah! Those guys don't understand the sententions like - "can't ride", "it's too cold" and so on. Every time they surprise us. Their new video is full of supermotard bikes, sport bikes, dirt bikes. They have even their own "buggy style" car. And as always a tons of fire, explosions, pyrotechnics and smoke... Stunt Freaks Team in a nutshell, lol!




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