Meet Arttu Stenberg - young SM killer

Tekst: StuntersBlog

Maybe what we write will trigger some discussion. Anyway, some time ago one of the stuntriding legend wrote on his facebook that "New stuntriders are boring me." We dedicate this video to people like him.

Remember, don't generalize, because today's stuntriding has many names. We agree that it also has this boring one, but... If you think that today's stuntriding is boring, it means that the fire from years ago just burnt in you. Don't throw everyone in one bag. No offence.

But to the point. Arttu Stenberg from Finland is a young player who doesn't know the limits. He plays with his KTM as it should be done. In the video Antti from the team Stunt Freaks Team explains the phenomenon of this boy a bit. A lot more to do, but it's already super cool. Keep it up!




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