France stuntriding session - Rok Bagoros & co

Tekst: Damian Bazaniak

Rok Bagoros, Slovenian stuntrider is bangin this year all the time. Brazil, Israel, Europe - he is permanently on the run. 

"It's been a hell of a ride this season. Starting early in January with the first show in Germany and ending 10 months later with a big tour in Asia and the Middle East, with the last show in Palestine.

It's was another hectic year with lot's of cool projects and checking stuff of my "to be done in my career" bucketlist. One of those was building up a long term dream, an own lifestyle workshop "Rok Bagoros MOTO GARAZA"! In the workshop people can get a taste of how we build up our high-end freestyle bikes, plus they can take a piece of it home in the shape of a RokON merch, or even bring their own bikes and get them pimped. But more about this in the next blog entry ;)"

More about the French trip with cool pictures at Rok's BLOG:

Check his newest production from his french session with Kevin Dufourg, Bruno Ferreira and Thibaut Nogues.




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