New Kawasaki ZX-6R 2019

Tekst: Damian Bazaniak

After five years the new refreshed Kawasaki ZX-6R debuts. And it isn't a surprise. Information about the new 600 (or actually 636) sailed out regularly during the year. Firstly from patent offices in the US, then from few other places...

...but in the end it is here - officially. It was presented for the first time at AIMExpo 2018 in the USA. Europe will got the chance to check it in November at Eicma in Milan. Interestingly, Jason Britton received his private motorcycle as one of the first people in the US and has already published a short video of doing "things".



But let's get to the details. Firstly, the style of the motorcycle was refreshed. In my opinion, it perfectly suits to the rest of Kawasaki at the moment. Dawdrels will say that it reminds Ninja 400 too much, but for me it brings to mind the 636 from the year 03-04 (so much adored by stunters). Look at the tilted LED headlights and the entire front fairings. These elements are perhaps only more angular and aggressive. Nevertheless, it looks more predatory when compared to the previous model. Of course it depends on a matter of taste. The tail was also changed, which is slightly shorter now. Tank remained intact. In addition to the basic painting version, the Kawasaki Racing Team Edition option will be also available.


Mechanically, not much has changed. The drive unit remained the same - inline 4-cylinder 636 cm3 engine with 130 HP / 13,500 RPM. As well as the entire motorcycle chassis has not undergone any major changes.

From the new things - a KQS quickshift working up only. In standard new 636 got KTRC Traction Control and ABS KIBS.

Full specification on the US Kawasaki website: CLICK HERE.

The biggest surprise at the moment is the price and undoubtedly Kawasaki will try to put a new life into the 600 sport class in this field. We will pay for the basic version of the motorcycle in the US - please pay attention - $9,999! It is $1,300 cheaper than the new GSX-R 600 or about $2,200 less than the new R6. Good enough?

We are waiting for more informations already in November after Eicma and the first impressions of Europe testers. We will also inform you when Jason rebuild his fresh 636 for stuntride. Below we present advertising materials, "walk-around" from AIMExpo and the first test of this motorcycle made by the boys from Cycle News (yes, yes - when we are waiting for the European premiere, they have been testing motorcycles in Las Vegas for a week). Check it!






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