Adam Gutkowski - will he break the speed record on one wheel?

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Adam Gutkowski, with his 400 horsepower GSX-R'em 1000 TURBO, intends to break the Guinness World Record in the fastest ride on one wheel. The task is only seemingly easy. To beat  is "just" 350.6 km/h!

Adam was already doing the action with his team to start in the World Cup in the fastest wheelie last year, which takes place in the UK. The competition consists of passing a distance of one kilometer on one wheel to break the Guinness Record. So far in this discipline we didn't have a representative of our country (Poland), although the competition has been held since 2005. The Guinness Record on one wheel is over 350 km/h. However, only seven people in the world broke the 300 km/h barrier on one wheel.

Unfortunately, the motorcycle, which had only 310 HP (as much as the H2R) proved to be too weak to compete with the best machines in the world, so after a quick analysis, the preparations for the following year were taken. The construction of a new Gixx Turbo was commissioned on the basis of the well-known K4 1000. This time the goal is 400 HP.


The motorcycle's specification makes an impression. The Suzuki has a completely rebuilt chassis: a reinforced frame around the head, an adjustable swingarm for wheelies and drifting, as well as suspension, brakes and rims have been adapted to the Suzuki with a much newer Yamaha YZF-R1 Rn22.

The engine has been completely rebuilt and has forged connecting rods, forged Wiseco pistons with a lower compression ratio and pins in the head.

The clutch is equipped with a special Lock'up mechanism, thanks to which it is able to transfer up to 500 HP, the lid itself has a hole in which the tempered glass is mounted, thanks to which the clutch can be seen. Of course, the engine has been relaxed, and the engine lubrication is also much more efficient as well as the oil pump which has been accelerated.

The serial plastic airbox has been replaced by a hand-made plenum with a charging tube that goes to the turbocharger. The turbocharger used is the JRSPEC GTX2871R with a capacity of up to 530 hp! A separate oil pump is also connected to the turbocharger, which is pumped out of the turbine oil.

Further modifications are eg water Intercooler, injectors, electrics and many other elements. The only thing that has been serial in the motorcycle is the counter and fuel tank.

About competition

The competition called Straightliners Motorcycle Wheelie World Championship has been held since 2006 in Elvington in the north of England. The task is to develop the highest possible speed during the wheelie on a distance of 1 kilometer. The current record is 350.6 km/h and belongs to Ted Brachi and his Hayabusa.

The competition requires a suit with an airbag, a very good helmet and other parts of clothing. 


In the previous year, the assumed budget for complete preparation for the competition was to amount to PLN 100,000. Unfortunately, in the current situation, this amount is not enough. Adam is already at the end of the preparations, but the sponsors' support is still needed. The motorcycle itself exceeded the planned budget twice. We keep our fingers crossed for the success of the project.


Special thanks to:

Radek Lesnau from Świnoujście 
Janka Extreme from Niemodlin - Stunter13 Uncle
Hubert Prukacz from Wieluń 
Tomasz Galus and boys from Black Doom motorcycle club
Katarzyna Słotwińska

Companies that support Adam:

Used Car Showroom. Leader 
Tech-Hydro Professional 
BSA Stunt Accessories 
Vulking Full Service Tires 
MGS - Moto Garage Service 
Painters Climate 
Rider motorcycle seats 
Lambda Car Electronics 


Contact with Adam:

Adam Gutkowski 
Tel .: 0048 512-312-740






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