Kyle Sliger


Fort Wayne, IN
Crew/Team: Solo


  • BIRTHDAY 1986-12-05
  • MOTORCYCLES Kawasaki ZX6-r 2015, Kawasaki ZX6-r 2004
  • Achievements Back in 2010 winning the AFS series 1st place overall.....then having the courage to step up to the Pros and headed to STUNTWARS 2011 and placing 5th on a broken foot..... After that yeari felt ready but I really had to convince myself it was time to really compete with the pros and in 2012 I went to XDL and became rookie of the year for XDL championship series 2012.
  • I have talent to... Accomplish the goals that I set for myself
  • My favourite meal... Cornbread with ham and beans
  • I usually listen... I like to listen to anything with a good beat to it. Especially some trap and instrumentals. They help with thinking about riding and puts me in a good mood to shred!
  • What next... My next move is to really land these new tricks ive been thinking about all winter long.. Also im looking into what I may take to travel over seas and comptete with the top guys in our sport. mainly just to ride in a circle set group with them .
  • My motto... RIDE and DESTROY
  • My favourite trick... 360 rockwalk shuffle
  • Why stuntriding... I can't say why I choose stuntriding. I just know the first time I seen stuntriding I thought to myself that I had to try it and instantly became in love with it. It quickly absorbed all my time and money...
  • My unique trick... The 360 rockwalk is definitely a unique one simply, because of it's hard work to learn it. plus its a BMX trik on a sportbike ...
  • My most important person... The most important person in my life i would have to say is my father... He taught me how to slow down and control my temper. Teaching me how to solve problems faster and easier and how make sense of everything.



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