Andrea Ponticelli


Marina di Grosseto


  • BIRTHDAY 2017-02-08
  • MOTORCYCLES Kawasaki ZX6R, Honda CBR F4i, Husqvarna 510 TE
  • Achievements in my life as a stuntrider I have achieved several important results. They aren't ranking in stunt contest but they are targets relating to my personal life in order to progression skills and experience. In fact I consider my first goal turning my daily requirement of adrenaline in a real job. This was followed by my evolution into a stunt driver, a stunt that can perform extreme tricks with most of the engining (and not) vehicle. Then the ultimate goal that I achieved was the opportunity to meet and put in comparison with top riders in international competitions ... but after all, I believe there is only one goal that can be achieved in stuntriding: using this sport to instill joy and fun to all people of all ages and create friendship between young people who like this passion!
  • I have talent to... Extreme sport
  • My favourite meal... all italian foods I can eat!!
  • I usually listen... rock 'n' roll
  • What next... I want to create a stunt show with riders like me, who have turned their passion into a job
  • My motto... Nothing is impossible if you trust it
  • My favourite trick... Fatland Baldini
  • Why stuntriding... I started stuntriding since i was young with my old motocross motorbike. Growing up, this passion turned into my job.
  • My unique trick... two tricks: i don't know their names because i haven't see any video with those...
  • My most important person... My friends



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