Jamie Baker


South Australia, Adelaide


  • BIRTHDAY 1989-05-18
  • MOTORCYCLES Kawasaki Ninja ZX636
  • Achievements Becoming the first stunt rider to ever sign with Kawasaki Australia, Launching my own signature tee with RideRich, Launching my own signature CRT Exhaust pipe with SC-Project and becoming the first Aussie to tavel to the USA, Czech Republic and Dubai
  • I have talent to... Build bikes and ride the hell out of them
  • My favourite meal... Sweet n sour chicken
  • I usually listen... Rap
  • What next... To become number 1 in Australia and to continue travelling the world progressing as a rider.
  • My motto...  “People who say it cant be done are just jealous”
  • My favourite trick... Spreaders
  • Why stuntriding... Because I was told I would never be anything in this sport
  • My unique trick... High Blindside Ralph louie
  • My most important person... My family who have supported me every step of the way, all my friends for all of their support, my sponsors who have helped me turn a passion for stunt riding into a career