Stunt Masters Cup 2016

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Stunt Masters Cup 2016 at Emirates Bikes Festival in Dubai United Arab Emirates.


Stunt Masters Cup

Stunt Masters Cup Series is promising to be the most spectacular World Class Motorcycle Stunt Event in the World. In the shadows of Burj Khalifa the tallest building of the World lays the most amazing stunt spot you can dream of, it’s called Bay Avenue Park where over 30 best stunt riders from all over the World will participate for the Stunt Masters Cup.

Motorcycle Stunt Riding is one of the most spectacular and fastest growing extreme motorsports, where riders perform gravity defying tricks on their street bikes. The event starts on Thursday November 24th and on that day open qualification sessions will begin; selected riders will advance to Friday’s event where they will get a chance to compete against Top Stunt Riders of the World. On Saturday the finals will be held and the winner will receive a brand new motorcycle from one of our Sponsors. For the first time ever this event and all final runs will be recorded using Nikon’s new Keymission 360 4K cameras and this will give the viewers never seen before virtual reality look into this spectacular sport discipline and it will make everyone feel like they are the ones performing those death defying tricks themselves.



The Event will be judged by panel of 3 Judges from Germany, Kuwait and Poland. Stunt Masters Cup is organized with partnership with Emirates Bikes Festival it is an annual event held in Dubai for 7 days. This year, the festival will be from the 24th till the 30th of November 2016. It will include several other events such as the "World Championship for Bike Builders" for the best modified motorcycle based on a decision by an International Judges Committee, comprised of the International Master Bike Builders Association (IMBBA) judges. The show will be providing valuable prizes to be allocated for the first three ranks in the competition. Moreover, there will be other special events for the public, which include entertainment programs and interesting competitions, where everyone can participate. The festival will incorporate an exhibition for all the sponsors, allowing them to display their products to more than 20,000 visitors expected during festival period.

Stunt Masters Cup with Emirates Bikes Festival is taking this sport to a whole new level and more new World Class Stunt Events will be announced very soon.



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