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We are getting closer to the first stunt event this year. Stunt Contest in Verona will be held this weekend!

With big european and world references of Stuntridding in the Jury Team, is probably the new bet to get a reference competition in the world of moto stuntridding in Italy.


About Motor Bike Expo Verona

Motor Bike Expo of Verone (Italy) is probably the 2nd most important fair specialized in motorbikes on Italy. With this entertainment offer gets to combine: bringing great brands of motorcycles to the public, and show to the public the impossible and more fun tricks made by great professionals. Never a motorbike fair was fun like as this!


About Stuntmanshow Productions

Stuntmanshow Productions, the organizator of Stunt Contest is an international entertainment company specialized in Stunt Shows and Musical for theme parks, theaters, events and all that you dream it, this year is special for them because is them 20th anniversary of him main show, SCUOLA DI POLIZIA STUNT SHOW, an award-winning and admired show throughout Italy and Europe that has managed to leave the public with mouth open at the Italian theme park Mirabilandia and at the various events held by Italy, Azerbaijan or UAE.

In the actually only is possible presence its show by road tour with his vehicles and for our endearing captain interpreted by Davide Padovan, because this stunt show has reached a new dimension and in Mirabilandia is now performed "Grosso Guaio a Stunt City by Hot Wheels" in which more precision acrobatics are performed and the vehicles make a loop of 18 meters, all of this realized in collaboration with the famous brand of toy cars, Hot Wheels and his "Team Hot Wheels".


About Stunt Contest

Stunt Contest starts on the 2015 edition of Motor Bike Expo as bet of the fair and Stuntmanshow to make bigger and a mandatory appointment to the world of stuntridding in Italy.

In our first edition the one that won with the victory was the Czech driver Martin Kratky and in the second edition was the French driver, Guy Guy ... Who will  win this year?

For this 2017 edition had an exceptional Jury Team that delight at our participants and we sure a certains guests. The members of this Jury is:

Chris Pfeiffer, 4 times world championshiopship of stuntridding and a big figure of this discipline, that with him judge system used in diverse competitions around the world, it vibrates the public because it causes do incredible stunts and delighted to the pilots because competition after competition, encourages them to overcome.

Damian Baza, Stuntrider and director of the web publication Stuntersblog, is known in the world of stunt show and known as one of the reference, as it contains interesting articles of the sector, in addition Stuntersblog will be our official media partner for the 2017 edition.

Edu Stunt, One of the greats Brazilian stuntriders abandoned his beloved Brazil to grow as Stuntrider in the European continent and after his passage through different countries has now established his base in Italy and is a member of stuntmen team of Stuntmanshow in Mirabilandia, in the show Grosso Guaio to Stunt City.



Run time: 3 minutes + 20 seconds for one bonus trick      

Warmup: 30 sec      



Chris Pfeiffer (Germany), Damian Bazaniak (StuntersBlog, Poland), Edu Stunt (Brazil)           


Scoring System:   

Technical difficulty, max 45 points             

Style points: max 15 points             

Bonus trick: max 5 points             


Technical difficult:

Wheelies: max 15 points       
Stoppies: max 10 points
Drifts/burnouts: max 10 points
Acro + other tricks: max. 10 points             



Flow, transitions, aggressivity, track occupation: max 15 points             


Bonus trick

One difficult special trick. Max 5 points. After the 3 minutes run the rider has exactly 20 more seconds for this bonus trick. No penalty points are given for mistakes! The trick can be repeated but the repetition has to be in the 20 seconds time window. After the bonus trick the rider has to stop riding immediately.



Foot on the ground: -­‐0.25 penalty point (except for the tricks requiring a foot on the ground, for example: dead spin) Cage on the ground, rider still holding the bike: -­‐1 point

Crash (cage on the ground, rider not holding the bike anymore): -­‐3 points             



If the rider doesn’t show up on the riding area when it’s his turn, he will be disqualified after 1 minute!          

In case of problems regarding the bike, the rider can ask for a 5 minute time out. The rider has to announce the technical problems to the judges. He has to show up at the start line,     otherwise he is disqualified.                 

The rider is allowed to borough a different bike but he has to make sure the judges and the speaker know about this because number stickers will be fixed at the bikes.              


Gear rules

Helmet, jacket, pants, no open shoestrings.


Another rules and guidelines to make a comfortable contest:         

All motorbikes when are out of the competition area must be are with the engines off and is extensive this rule to all the VeronaFiere facilities. If you violate this rule you may be disqualified from the competition and expelled from them facilities if the Motor Bike Expo organizer deems necessary without any right to claim.              

Inside the VeronaFiere facilites please follow the indications of the organization staff and security team to assure a good image and to ensure the comfortable event.   


Riders List:

Rafal Kanik (Poland) 

Kamil Nikliborc (Poland)

Dawid Olczyk (Poland)

Pawel Karbownik (Poland)

Gaetano scirè (Italy)

Claudio Centrella (Italy)

Adam Peschel (Czech Republic)

Marco Barzan (Italy)

Olivier schubnel (France)

Martin Kratky (Czech Republic)

Guillaume gleyo (France)

Mike Jensen (Denmark)

Romain Jeandrot (France)

Zdenko Rybar (Slovakia)

Andrea Ponticelli (Italy)

Sheras Zyske (Lithuania)

Nicolas Briere (France)

Damien vantechme (France)

Pierre Tuloup (France)

Rébecca Fenouil (France)



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