Ouest Bike Show 2018 is on!

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The Ouest Bike Show CONTEST is coming back stronger again this year!

For the 4th time, on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 September, top world riders from around the world will come and meet in the very west of France, in the small town of Bourgneuf en Retz! 

What used to be a show for 10 consecutive years featuring numerous riders including legends like AC Farias or Chris Pffeifer, turned into a contest 4 years ago with the world's biggest price money for a Stunt Contest! with 15.000€ Payouts!

Come join us again for another great stuntriding week end, with a Spectacular Night show on Saturday!!! Several exhibitors will let you appreciate Custom Bikes and cars, along with food and drinks of course! 

If you dont know yet, bring all your family there! Cool atmosphere and riders bringing you the best tricks just a few meters away from you!

Mark the dates! We will update the riders list and bringing more details soon, but we can guarantee you a crazy contest once again!

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