Evotech Stunt Competition - details

Tekst: Damian Bazaniak

We are really looking forward to visist one of the major Italian stunt events. We just fell in love in Italy and Italian people, so it will be a pleasure for us to join to Evotech Stunt Competition 2017 at 4-6 August! See you soon!




1st place: 2500 euro + 1000 euro worth stuff
2nd place: 1250 euro + 500 euro worth stuff
3rd place: 625 euro + 250 euro worth stuff

Address: Via Masetto Vecchio, 38055 Grigno TN, Italia



General Regulation
In case of tie between two or more riders, either in the semi-finals or in the final, in order to decide you must look at the qualification score. The highest ranked rider will have a higher position in the rank. In the case of tie during qualification, it will be the score you get in aggressiveness to prevail, if this last is the same, the "flow" score will decide the rank.

How to execute a run
Each rider can train in a warm up area before his run. When he starts his turn, the rider must stand at the entrance of the track. After the sign of the race manager (commissioner), the rider enters the race zone to perform a 30-second warm-up. At the end of this time, the track commissioner raises the flag and the rider must place himself on the starter line to start his round. The commissioner checks that the judges are ready. After the check, the commissioner raises the flag and the run can start, the timer is started for a definite duration (3m for qualification and 3m for a semi-final or final). At 30 seconds from the end, the race commissioner holds the raised flag without moving it. At the end of the execution time, the commissioner waves the flag.

Run Time

1. Qualification
The running time is 30 seconds for warm-up followed by 3 minutes of run.

2. Semifinal and final
The running time is 30 seconds of warm-up followed by 3 minutes of run. Semi-final and final will be played in two rounds. The score for the two runs will be summed to determine the final score.

Judgment of every run

1. Generality
The maximum score of a race is 120 points. The rider’s score must be given at the end of his run.

How Points are assigned

1. Technique: 40 points

Four categories: wheeling, stoppie, trick, run / drift.
Each category has a final score of 10 points.
The judge must observe all the figures presented by the rider according to a predefined table:
- Basic trick 0.5 points
- Technical tricks 1 point
- Very technical tricks 1.5 points
- Exceptional trick 2 points
For each figure performed (for example, “circle no hand” is 1 point), the judge can add or remove up to 0.25 points, depending on whether the figure has been performed with perfect self-control or with hesitation. For the passage from one trick to another and for the set of “combo” tricks, the judge will score from 0.25 to 0.5 points depending on whether the transition from one figure to another is performed (naturally). And also according on its complexity. Each trick is counted once for each race. Circle trick can only be counted if the trick lasts a minimum of one turn, otherwise the score will be counted as a combo (from 0.25 to 0.5). All tricks that count 1 error are not counted.

2. Errors (Execution): 20 points

Starting point: 20 points
- Foot to the ground -0.25 points (except for the trick that sets a foot on the ground for example spin)
- Motor unintentionally interrupted: - 0.75 points
- motorcycle on the ground, the rier does not leave the falling bike: - 3 points
- motorcycle on the ground, the rider leaves the bike : - 5 points

3. Flow and aggression: 40 points
The flow is about the fact that all the figures are connected with each other and with a sense of continuity, that is, everything is done fluidly. The rider must play his figures without inactive time. The judge must register the number of times the driver interrupts his run, that is, the number of interruptions in the sequences that he executes and subtracts 1 point from the starting point (20 points for the flow). Aggressiveness is the fact that the driver is always at the limit, it must be a masterly controlled aggression. The rider must try to maximize the potential of his bike and of the track. This means a speed of execution, an amplitude, an angle search, a grip, a stoppie height, respecting the boundaries of the circuit. The judge will award a score of up to 20 points for the entire run.

4. Overall: 20 points
The total is evaluated on different criteria:
- The track occupancy is rated at 4 points. The driver must occupy the whole track.
- Involvement with the audience and applause are awarded on 2 points
- The greeting to the judges is 1 point. Once in the track, the driver has to greet the judges, in this way he shows he can compete.
- Choreography is marked on 12 points. The run of the rider must tell a story, he must make his skills credible (for example: do not start with tricky tricks and end up with basic tricks).

Technical regulation

1. Rider equipment
CE approved homologated helmet
Reinforced trousers with leg protector
Elbow protections
Dorsal protector integrated into the shirt or tied




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