Are you ready for Verona?

Tekst: Damian Bazaniak

Only 10 days left to the first competition this year - Stunt Contest Motor Bike Expo 2017 in Verona. 

List of the riders looks very impressive and promising. Stunt Contest will be held on 20-22. January and is being organized next to Motor Bike Expo what is a guarantee of huge audience. More details about the event you can find here

Confirmed list from organisator:

  • Sayan Stunt
  • Mike Jensen
  • Martin Kratky
  • Andrea Ponticelli
  • Guillaume Gleyo
  • Dawid Olczyk
  • Pawel Karbownik
  • Claudio Centrella
  • Romain Jeandrot
  • Kevin Dufourg
  • Thibaut Nogues
  • Sheras Zyske
  • Julien Welsch
  • Niko Briere
  • Kim Van Hoeck
  • Rafal Kanik
  • Kamil Nikliborc
  • Adam Peschel
  • Marcin Glowacki
  • Jhonny Hogland
  • Mirek Frey
  • Djor Dy
  • Gaetano Scire
  • Marco Barzan


It's going to be fun!




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