Scottish Stunt Championship 2019

Date: 09.03.2019 - 10.03.2019

Place: Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scottish Stunt Championship is on 9th and 10th March 2019 at the MCN Motorcycle Show in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Taking inspiration from the Irish and European stunt shows, the team set out to make a change in the UK and provide the talented riders with somewhere they could go to compete, grow and develop their skills.

The goal: to bring the talent of the UK stunt community together in one place to challenge each others limits and grow the scene.


After the success of 2018, the Scottish Stunt Championship is returning in 2019 and is set to be even bigger and better than last year. This time around, we have added a number of new sponsors to our existing roster meaning more exposure and even better prizes for our riders. More riders, including those from Europe, are also attending this year, upping the ante for all the returning riders of 2018.

The positive feedback we received from riders as well as spectators and staff at MCN, has further spurred us forward to deliver an even better and more thrilling experience for everyone and we are certain this year will not disappoint.



The Scottish Stunt Championship started in 2018; the brain child of Graham Houston, a passionate and much respected stunt rider on the UK scene. Graham felt that the current UK competitive stunt scene lacked diversity and direction and believed that there was a range of riding talent that was not able to achieve its full potential with the current climate within the UK.

Graham established a core team of like-minded individuals to set up The Scottish Stunt Championship to provide more riding opportunities and competition to the UK.

Each team member brings their own set of unique skills and outlook to the series, ensuring that the competition is the best it can be.


Graham Houston: Founder of The Scottish Stunt Championship and Head of Operations with assistance from his partner, Laura Houston. Graham has been part of the UK stunt scene for many years and in the past participated in competitions throughout the UK.

Daniel Randall: Head of PR and Sponsor. Daniel has been involved in the stunt community for many years, both as a rider as well as with sponsorships for stunt riders and providing motorcycle parts, being the Director of retailer DR Bikes.

Marco George: Event Coordinator and Trophy Designer/Creator. Marco is a passionate stunt rider who also competes. His passion for motorcycles started at a young age and he found himself more geared towards the thrill of pushing the limits of his motorcycle with daring stunts. As a competitor himself, he provides the team with valuable insight for the coordination of the event. He is also the talent responsible for the design and creation of the competition trophies.

Raf Brzęczyszczykiewicz: Commentator and Event Scheduler. Raf is another avid stunt rider, heavily involved with the much respected European stunt scene and also lends his perspective to the scheduling and coordination of the event. Extremely knowledgeable in his craft, Raf will be commentating and presenting the show to spectators in a fun and informative way.


The team felt that the UK stunt scene had stagnated, with few opportunities to ride and compete. After observing the failings of existing competitions that had come and gone over the years, they decided to set up a stunt competition.

See you there!


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