YouTube riders

Tekst: Katarzyna Łapczyńska

I think everyone has the same problem with riding nowadays. During our free time or during the winter we all watch some nice movies on the YouTube or Facebook. And what we see? Everyone rides amazing, cool, and of course better than us. Really better. Much better. Damn, too good. What’s more day by day these guys from the net improve their skills. And we feel like we are the worst riders ever.

But If you go out for a ride, you can see many “normal” people riding. And they are impressed by the things you do. That’s funny. Yes, of course – we have to make the proofs our examples, but don’t be too demanding for yourself. Sometimes these guys from the movies do it as their work or train many years to improve. The most of us aren’t that lucky. Being talented is important but you won’t be champion if you don’t work to be better. Do you think Rossi would be as fast as he is, if he didn’t train? Would be tough to get the masterclass in riding a motorcycle by spend a lot of time in the kitchen making some cakes or something… I guess.

If you think I do the same – yep, you are right. I watch some movies on YouTube many times.. For example Urban Streetbike Warriors or some productions of professional stuntriders. That’s the way I’m trying to learn – looking for some details help them to ride as they ride. How and when they use their handbrake, what about their body position, how they control the throttle… Never ending story. And then I’m trying to take it to “real life” and my own riding style.

But what’s the most important in it – you have to be patient. In this kind of passion you can’t make a huge improvement “just like that”. You have to work and do it step by step. Can’t wait? Okay, we all want to be fast or stylish, but it’s impossible to be the best just right now. Especially with riding. It takes a long time to get the right feeling with the bike and to get the full control. And what’s more, it’s more than 100% chances you will fail many times before you will be good. But it’s worth it!


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