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Stuntriding as an official sport in Europe!

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The 2017 FIM-Europe congress was held between 30th June and 2nd July in Rome where important decisions have been taken regarding the Street Freestyle discipline.

Street Freestyle was the last discipline among Motor Sports which has only had unofficial international races so far. It had not fallen under the aegis of FIM-Europe. Practice of Motor Sports history has shown similar evolution over the past decades as other disciplines have also followed the same path. Successful but unofficial competitions changed into high standards international race series after becoming stronger, growing in popularity and finally being classified as an official sport. Street Freestyle has also pursued that path.

FIM-Europe has registered Street Freestyle as a new discipline and accepted the organisational and scoring system that ensures the objective observation of riders’ performance.

As a result of the decision of FIM-Europe a four-round cup series will be organized in four European countries in 2018. In the coming years the series will be continued in the form of European Championship. The promoter's rights of these events have been granted to the Street Freestyle Sport Kft.

The common goal of FIM-Europe and Street Freestyle Sport Kft. is to achieve that in the Street Freestyle discipline from 2018 there are only official international races in Europe within the framework of the official cup series.

Given the outstanding professional background of FIM-Europe, the organizational system, rules and regulations for race organizers, and an objective scoring system, the high standards of professional competitions are guaranteed.

Top places in FIM-Europe races are held in higher regard both by riders and spectators of international competitions and that enhances the trust of sponsors in this sport and keeps the number of Street Freestyle fans growing.


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