StuntersMovie - The first documentary about stuntriding

Tekst: Damian Bazaniak

At the beginnin of the year on the competition in Italy Adam Peschel - amazing stuntrider from Czech Republic - told me about his idea: "Let's create something huge. To show stuntriding to as many people as possible. Even if one person in the world will start to ride thanks to the document - it will be a success for me" he said. 


StuntersMovie is a document about stuntriding. The plan is to visit all continents in the world and find "the stories" which stuntriding have a lot in every place. We are looking for people who are fighting for their own story and the most unique places.

A lot of people think that stuntriders are hooligans, fools, fakes, riders have to train hard to demonstrater their hard-eared tricks. Stuntridigin is a world-wide phenomenon lacking sufficient support and WE WANT TO CHANGE THAT!

The superficial concept of commercial events, big shows and "talking points" are behind us. We will show you the reality, sometimes beautiful and sometimes rough, sometimes painful or even emotional with a fantastic finish... We will show you how everything runs.


A lot of interesting people from around the world. Every place is specific. We want to show you the diversity of stuntriding. Some riders consider stunt as a sport, others as a life style... But they all have one thing in common - they love stuntriding. We are planning to film in various corners of the globe, the homes of those who give up all their time to this sport.

There exist riding gropus or on the contrary, young boys enchanted by this crazy posrt. In each state, in every country, there is somebody who is exeptional and crazy, and we want to film the most interesting ones.​

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