Sarah is destroying her Suzuki!

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Sarah is a leading female stuntrider in the world. So far, none of the women has ever gained as much as this strong girl. This has also been confirmed in the new video in which she struggles with the acquisition of High Tower trick.

As she says, the trick turned out to be harder to come by. The beginnings were really difficult! And the motorcycle almost fell into a nearby water reservoir. Guest: Elliot Grondahl and Mike Jensen.


Sarah Lezito Climbing


The trick is to climb to the very top of the motorcycle - on the shelves in a position reminiscent of the FROG trick - where it is easy to imagine it is very difficult to maintain control over the motorcycle. The more that we only operate hand brake and clutch.

The movie has English subtitles. We also encourage you to subscribe to the Sarah channel. You can find there a lot of interesting and professional content. We love this girl for the truthfulness, which beats away from her.





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