No handed rev limiter coaster challenge

Tekst: Damian Bazaniak

Darius challenged the stuntriders on his private facebook to perform the no handed rev limter coaster, the answer came from the Netherlands faster than everyone expected...

Straight from cold Amsterdam, not paying attention to weather conditions, Khalid Stunting sent his video with style of this faboulus trick collecting $100 from Darius. And we are wondering if anyone else will take up the challenge? The first move was made by Khalid, now it's time for the longest no hander rev limiter coasters.



Khalid on Facebook: "So Darius Khashabi set up a little challenge, you have to do a no hander rev limiter coaster to win $100, so i immediately went to the spot after i saw his post to try these for the very first time, they are short but im working on them!" Can't wait for more!

P.S. Da Liks also made some small remind about his implementation of this trick. Class! 4:10 (love that video by the way).

So who's next?




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