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Korzen, Dai and Oga at first XDL round! Full rider list.

Tekst: Damian Bazaniak

Great news from XDL first round in Atlanta. Korzen, Dai and Oga will ride together with US stunt scene. It took some time to get the chance to clash between Europe and the USA riders at such a high level. This time also with Japan! So we are very curious what will happen this weekend.


First XDL round is going to be one of the greatest event's of the year. After years of silence in the USA, finally something huge is happening. Last time when USA and Europe stunt scene have chance to confrontation was in 2011 at StuntGP in Poland and one year later when Stunter13 visited view XDL runs. However this time to the fight in TOP 3 joined OGA from Japan. 

Why it's so exciting? We will be able to see the real fight between the top riders of the countries. Kyle Sliger, Bill Dixon, Aaron Twite, Chris McNeil, Hiroyuki Ogawa and Marcin Glowacki will crush. This is our subiective TOP 6. But who will be the winner? Give your types in the comments!

Rider list:


 1.  Aaron  Twite USA
 2.  Bill Dixon USA
3.  Kyle Sliger USA
4.   Chris McNeil USA
5.   Tony Prez USA
6.   Shannon Schmidtman USA
7.  Sawyer Schmidtman USA
8.   Hiroyuki Ogawa Japan
9.  Dai Yabiku Japan
10.  Marcin Glowacki Poland
11.  Ryan Suchaneck USA
12.  Nick Karipis USA



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