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Just life - my story once again...

Tekst: Katarzyna Łapczyńska

Just life - one time everything goes well but later it doesn't... I had a lot of plans for 2017 season, but the 26th of March changed everything. Almost. As I wrote in my last article (it was long time ago...), I bought Honda F4i to start my stunt adventure. I was doing some wheelies on the road bikes before but the plan was to try real stunt. Then I fell really bad on the second practise of the year, broken 4 bones in my foot, broken the ligaments in my knee, twisted my ankle and so and so. My right leg was totally destroyed. One day changed my life.

Some says it's a day to forget. But I'm sure it learned me a lot. Now I feel more power than before. Why? My passion is real. I got on the bike on the first day I could bend my knee. And I don't feel any fear. I know why I'm fighting so hard to be full fit again. Because I wanna be back and try stunt once again. I'm still doing some sit wheelies on the road. Only sit, because I can't stand on my right foot for 100%. Maybe it looks funny but it isn't. My leg still hurts as f..., but I'm really happy to ride again. 

Why am I writing about it so long? Because if you ride a motorcycle you can always be injured. More or less. But I'll crash. You can't avoid it. It's just the part of this game. Top guys of MotoGP, stunt, motocross and so and so, crashed many times. Broke many bones. And still love it.

The passion is so hard to explain, especially if you talk with somebody who doesn't have the real one. I'm really happy to have mine, because it gives me a lot of power to live. What about plans for now? They changed, because I'm not full fit again yet, but I'll be back as soon as it will be possible. For everybody who's injured now - stay strong. I had some days when I felt bad and cried too but then I realized it won't help. Nobody can help you better than you. Stay positive and fight for your dreams, even if they changed a bit for a while. Have a safe ride everyone! 


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