"It was a battle to learn" - interview with Christina Billings!

Tekst: Katarzyna Łapczyńska

Do you know many female stuntriders? I don’t think so.. But Christina Billings is one of the most known. She’s beautiful and talented but what’s more… She stunts on Harley! We asked her a few questions about her career.

Katarzyna Łapczyńska #badgirl: Christina - first of all.. Why did you start your stuntriding career?

Christina Billings: I officially started my stunt riding career about 5 years ago. I was introduced to motorcycles by a group of stunt riders - NorthEast Chill (out of Massachusetts where I grew up) and I instantly fell in love with the control they had over the bikes. I knew right then that I needed to have a motorcycle of my own.

You are so beautiful woman. What's happened that you decided to be a female rider, regardless the risk of injuries and so and so?

Thank you! I am definitely afraid of injuries but I understand the risk that is involved. I have had plenty of injuries stunt related and even worse I have seen a lot of horrible ones too. It is almost worse to see your friends get hurt. The risk is certainly known but it is not enough to hold me back from doing what I love.

What was the first bike you were riding? How your first steps looked? Do you have anyone to show you "how to" and help you to improve or you were training on your own?

The first bike that I ever practiced stunts on was a Honda CRF 50. I learned on that bike because it is close to the ground and easiest to learn balance point wheelies on. Believe it or not that little bike gave me more road rash than the big ones (lol). The next bike that I purchased was a Ninja 250. Soon after, I learned how to use the clutch on that bike I purchased a GSXR 600 and then I moved onto the Kawasaki 636 (my favorite sportbike of all time). Many people have helped me learn how to ride and were willing to give me pointers along the way. I would not say there is a real "how to" guide. People can give you pointers but you still have to learn on your own by trial and error.

How long have you been learning the clutch up technique and slow wheelie? It took a long time or it happened "just the that"?

It took me about a year to master clutch up wheelies. It definitely was a challenge on the sport bike even after learned on the CRF 50. I am definitely not a "natural" by any means. It was a battle to learn how to do a balance point wheelie but I did not give up and eventually it became like second nature.

You were riding sportbikes, but now you have HD Iron too. How can you compare stunt on these two types of bikes? What do you prefer, what are the differences?

The balance point on both of my bikes are completely different. The Harley is a lot heavier and the balance point is a lot higher. I would not say I prefer either one, but the Harley is less common and I guess I like the fact that it attracts more people to my stunt shows. I also like the Harley because it is more of a challenge and its very comfortable to ride, I think maybe because its bigger and I am pretty tall.

Why did you decide to try Harley?

I decided to try the Harley when I saw other Harley stunters on social media. I fell in love with how bad ass it looked seeing a Harley perform stunts. Something about it looked surreal and that is what I love about it.

Is the stuntriding your only one job or it's impossible in USA to ride as a full time job?

I would not say it is "impossible" to ride full time in the USA, but stunt riding is not my full time job - I wish that it were and I am working slowly but surely on making it become my full time job. I work as a bartender at a restaurant for my full time job. I like working at this kind of job because I enjoy talking to people and the job itself is flexible which allows me to focus more on my stunt riding career.

Is it possible to ride and look "sexy" all the time? Many girls have a problem because they feel unattractive because of the "male sport" they play.

When I ride I do not really think about looking a certain way. I just love the sport for what it is. I hope that as a female rider, I can motivate other females to do the same.

Do you often take a part in some motorcycle shows etc? Is it popular in USA? How many people come to see the riders?

From Spring to Fall I am constantly traveling the USA to perform at different motorcycle rallies and dealership open houses. The shows are pretty popular in the USA. I would say thousands of people come to the motorcycle rallies.

Do you feel popular? A lot of people follow you on the net, but what about real life? Do you feel like a "superstar"?

I believe the internet and real life are two completely separate things. On a day to day basis I do not feel like a superstar. In real life I am just a normal person. I go to the gym, I work at my normal job- and I work A LOT; 12-14 hour days lots of the time.

Do you know something about stuntriding scene in Europe? Have you ever been in Europe?

I have always wanted to travel to Europe! The stunt scene looks amazing there. I hope to visit someday. Last December, I had the opportunity to visit Malaysia to perform at Kuala Lumpur Bike Week which is put on by Red Garage Malaysia. I highly recommend for people to visit KL for bike week if they ever get the opportunity to travel that far.

Do you repair your bikes on your own or you are just riding and don't care about technical side?

It is not that I do not care about the technical side of riding, but I work so much at my normal job and I travel so much that I literally do not have time to learn everything about it. I can do the basic maintenance like oil changes and tire changes. I have some great friends that help me with the maintenance on my bikes for the more complicated jobs. Ray Price Harley Davidson out of Raleigh, NC sponsors me on the maintenance for my Harley.

Have you ever tried for example track racing or stunt is the only thing what interests you if we think about bikes?

Stunt riding has always been the most interesting to me in the world of motorcycles. I think a track day would be very fun! I have also wanted to cross train with riding dirtbikes.

Do you know any biker girls who stunts? Do you have some contact with them?

I know a bunch of other female stunters. I love keeping in contact with them all but unfortunately they are all too far away. I try to ride with them whenever I can meet up with them in my travels. It is great fun to ride with other female stunters!

Thank you for an interview Christina and good luck! Keep it going!

Thanks a lot!






17 March 2017 o 11:11