Icon Stryker Vest

Tekst: Damian Bazaniak

Icon Stryker Vest is a product that doesn't need a presentation. Unique and recognizable, associated directly with stuntriding for many years.



Icon Stryker Vest is probably designed exactly for stunters. Successfully also can be used in other motorcycle sports or on the streets. But first things first...

When Icon released his protective vest for the first time, everyone was delighted by the design. It was a product that (like the rest of Icon's products) completely stood out from the then-known protectors. For a moment Icon Stryker Vest became a synonym of style. Quickly from America, product mastered other countries through stuntriding.

But apart from fashion, Icon's vest is great for hard training's. First of all, it doesn't impede any movement which is very important and ensures perfect ventilation. The vest can be worn over or under sweatshirt on cooler days, on a t-shirt or even on the naked body in the hottest days of the year.


Because of its design, comfort and ventilation, Icon's vest isn't a product that will protect our bodies from huge crashes. Even though it wasn't projected to protect you from dangerous falls. This is not a typical protective buzzer (but also Icon has stuff like that in their offer), but it provides protection of important places - chest and spine. Also available are interchangeable parts in case of wear.

Who is it for

Icon Stryker Vest is great for real urban warriors. If on a hot day you don't want to ride in a motorcycle jacket, but you are always on the safe side just try it. And in case you want to just look great. Go ahead and reach for the Stryker Vest.

As I mentioned earlier, the vest is also perfectly suited to any urban motor sport - stuntriding, gymkhana and so on.





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