"I've never thought to stop - this is my life" - interview with Diego Cristian Mafra

Tekst: Katarzyna Łapczyńska

Do you know something about stunt in Brasil? If no, just read about in our interview with one of the greatest riders in this country!

Katarzyna Łapczyńska #badgirl: Diego, you are one of the greatest stuntriders in Brasil. But please explain us - are there many people who train stunt in Brasil? Is it popular sport in general?

Diego Cristian Mafra: Brazil is a very big country. We have more than 3 thousand riders. It's not a popular sport. There are many more street riders, this is not good for us.

Do you have any spots where you can train without any doubt?

For many years I have trained at the parking - event center of my city. Now I train in my backyard, I built a training spot.

Is it expensive to ride in Brasil? I mean how the earnings looks like compare to the costs of the bike, parts and all the stuff.

Yes, it is very expensive, Brazil is the country that has the biggest taxes in the world. Having a big bike here is very complicated - always second-line tires. Always expensive gasoline. So there are many athletes with small bikes.

Can you explain us your career - when and why it all started?

I have been practicing this sport for 8 years. I started with a Honda 400 trail bike. Watching daily videos of AC Farias and Chris Pfeiffer.

Have you ever been close to finish your riding career? Any injuries, problems, maybe "decline of faith"?

I had a left foot injury and a deep cut with 9 points on my knee, I stayed 1 month without training but I've never thought to stop, this is my life.

Is riding your full time job or it's impossible to life and earn on it in Brasil?

Yes, riding is my full-time job for 4 years now, but it's not easy in Brasil. Before I've been working in Italy for 2 years, doing some shows in Germany, was a part of competitions in the US, Europe and Dubai, recently I'm doing shows in China.

What about the bikes in general in Brasil - are they popular? Which kind of bikes are most used on the roads?

The Brazilian is a passionate of motorcycles. Small bikes like Honda CG125 and others are very common - Brasilians use it to ride to work. But the big bikes market is booming. 

Do people in Brasil watch huge motorcycle events like MotoGP or nobody cares and everyone loves football?

MotoGP is very popular in Brazil, but it can't be compared to the football of course.

Have you ever tried racing or motocross? Do you only train stunt?

Sometimes I practice enduro. I like football a lot, whenever I can I play with friends. Capoiera (Brazilian martial art) is the main training for the Stunt.

Are there some huge stunt events in Brasil? How many people watch the shows live?

The Brazilian Stunt championship is not common, most of riders are the part of it just for money. However the South of the country held a championship outside the Federation. It's called South Brazilian Championship of Wheeling. I like to think that this is the biggest Stunt championship in the world. In 2016 we had 4 different categories, 8 stages in different cities throughout the year. More and more events and people want to attend this event.

Is the community of stuntriders in Brasil in good relations? Do ya have a contact with each other, help each other or there is huge rivalry between you?

A few exceptions, most of the riders are in this sport just for fun, there are many riders meetings for training, big sections.

Thanks a lot Diego, and good luck!

Thanks Karen!


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