First ever no hander on a electric bike?

Tekst: Damian Bazaniak

No handers on KTM Freeride E-series isn't so simple. Why?

It's because stock KTM Freeride E-series doesn't have a footbrake. In the place of the clutch engineers just put a handbrake. Also the problem was with setting higher revs in it. So if you want to make a oldschool trick like a no hander, you need to make some updates.

Elliot Gröndahl: "We manufactured an adjustment screw on the throttle, to create a higher "idle speed". The electric motor have no idle at all from factory. Also, we added the footbrake pump from a petrol KTM Freeride and a custom made rear caliper bracket with dual Moto-Master brakes. Special thing here, the extra caliper is for the footbrake and not for the handbrake as we are used to."



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